You belong here.

The Embassy is a student church based at Humber College/University of Guelph Humber. We're all about creating welcoming spaces where students can learn more about Jesus, and we hope that you'll join us!

The Embassy is a community that is passionate about Jesus' message and mission, and we're actively trying to live these out at Humber College. We believe that religion is useless if it doesn't affect your life in a real way, and so if it's not real, you won't find it at The Embassy.

The Embassy may not look or feel like a traditional church, but we don't do this for the sake of tradition. Everything that happens at The Embassy is designed to be relevant to your life, and regardless of where you're at on your own spiritual journey, The Embassy is a safe place to ask questions and find answers.


Jesus said that His purpose in coming was so people could discover “life to its fullest” (John 10:10) – a life that provides purpose for the present and hope for the future. We aim to participate in this same mission of Jesus, therefore:

The Embassy exists to help students discover hope, purpose and life to its fullest through the gospel of Jesus Christ. The ministry seeks to engage students at a formative stage in their lives, discipling and preparing them for a lifetime of influence.

The ministry is led by a team of students and volunteer support staff who help to make The Embassy a reality each semester. Join us this term—we'd love to meet you!

vision statement

1.) The Embassy exists to provide a place where believing students can gather together regularly and be exposed to biblical teaching that is relevant to their surroundings and pertinent to their unique stage in life. At The Embassy, students are encouraged by fellowship with one another and equipped and challenged to reach those around them for the sake of the gospel at Humber College. The ministry seeks to engage students at a formative stage in their lives, discipling and preparing them for a lifetime of influence.

2.) The ministry also exists to provide a place where non-believing students can feel safe to explore the Christian faith, ask questions, and experience firsthand the love and grace of a Christ-centred community. At The Embassy, we believe that the Christian faith can hold its own in the marketplace of ideas and has incredible explanatory power for the "big" questions of life ("Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going?"). We also believe that it’s only through a relationship with Jesus Christ that the deepest desires of the human heart can truly find satisfaction. These beliefs are what drive our efforts to share our faith in Jesus with the rest of the student body.

The Embassy works in cooperation with the local church and seeks to establish a lasting relationship between itself and the school in which it conducts its ministry.

core values


While people often associate matters of faith with abstract thinking, we believe that faith must always be connected to real life.

The Christian message is about living a life that is grounded in reality. There's no need to pretend, no need to cover up, no need to look good. If it's not real, you're not going to find it at The Embassy. With this in mind, we're always seeking to make our faith in Jesus evident by the way we live and the way we respond to real life issues.


Jesus once said, "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life and have it to the full." In this brief illustration, Jesus captures the essence of what it means to follow him and describes the very reason for his mission on earth: to give every one of us the opportunity to live out life to its fullest. This is central to the message we share at The Embassy.

Life has the potential to appear overwhelming and meaningless, but it also has the potential to be full of passion, meaning, hope, peace, and love. This theme is so important to The Embassy because it challenges us to define the very nature of our existence: "What are we here for?" In Jesus, we find an answer. It's an answer that calls us to action—an answer that brings us to life.


When we talk about being changed, we're talking about living lives that have been radically transformed. We're not trying to be different for the sake of being different, but because you just can't stay the same once you've had a real encounter with Jesus.

Around The Embassy, you'll notice that things are done differently than in many churches. This is a church for our generation - and again, it's different with a purpose. If you ever wonder why something is done the way it is, just ask, and you'll find there's a good reason behind every move we make.